“Crack In The Sky” by Terry C. Johnston

"Crack In The Sky" by Terry C. Johnston
“Crack In The Sky” by...


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For young Titus Bass, the trail to destiny leads through adventure... and danger. From a desperate battle in a wild frontier town besieged by Comanche to a deadly encounter with the Arapaho warrior who took his scalp two summers past, Bass will follow his own medicine – through the blistering heat of the southwestern desert and the frozen rivers of the northern plains. He'll cross Apache territory, stand with a wronged family against a ruthless Mexican army officer, and chase a band of mysterious horse thieves across the Yellowstone with winter coming on – and little chance of turning back. It is an odyssey only a man like Titus Bass would dare to undertake. For driven by his faith in the land and the promise of the future, this indomitable mountain man has vowed to live in freedom – or die in its defense. 


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