“Buffalo Palace” by Terry C. Johnston

"Buffalo Palace" by Terry C. Johnston
“Buffalo Palace” by Terry C....


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It's 1825, and St. Louis marks the outer edge of civilization. From here, young Titus Bass sets out alone to explore the great unknown territory west of the Mississippi. There, on the eastern edge of the high plains, he encounters a magnificent sight: a dark and thundering herd of buffalo as far as the eye can see. It's a world of beauty and danger – a world where survival depends on a man's willingness to risk death. From the forks of the Platte River to the country of the dreaded Blackfoot and Arapaho, from the foothills into the central Rockies, every bend along the trail signals new hope and the thread of sudden violence. But for Bass no challenge is too great. This is his country, and just as the great buffalo herd will leaves its legacy, Titus will leave his. 


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