Buck Knives are amongst the most collectible knives in the world! Hoyt Heath Buck began making knives as a blacksmith apprentice in the early 1900’s.  HH Buck supplemented his logging income by making knives out of farrier files. Hoyt became a minister and his wife Daisy eventually settled in Mountain Home, ID. Their son Alfred settled in San Diego, CA in 1940, Hoyt Buck meanwhile was forging knives in the basement of the church and these knives became very popular during World War II. In 1945, Hoyt and Daisy moved to San Diego to join their son. Hoyt began making knives full time and Al started making knives part time.

The Buck’s publically recognize God as the senior partner of their business. Hoyt died in 1949, but Al continued to make Buck Knives in the backyard San Diego shop at 1272 San Morena Ave. In 1959, Al’s son, Charles T. Buck joined the business which was incorporated in 1961. The company eventually moved to El Cajon, CA in 1980 and in 2005 moved to Post Falls, ID where they remain today. However, in 2005, Buck Knives began manufacturing overseas, as well.

Big Sky Images & Collectibles keeps a supply of Vintage USA Made Buck Knives in stock, as well as newer American Made Buck Knives.

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