“Tiger of the Wild Bunch” by Gary A. Wilson

"Tiger of the Wild Bunch" by Gary A. Wilson
“Tiger of the Wild Bunch”...


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The days of the Wild West were numbered. The guns in Wyoming’s infamous range wars had gone silent, and the dust from the great cattle drives was slowly clearing. Yet in Montana’s Missouri River Breaks, a young man with a taste for violence was about ready to give the outlaw life one last try. During his lifetime, Harvey “Kid Curry” Logan became the most feared fugitive in America. From 1894 to 1904, he robbed banks and trains all across the West, eluding every posse that galloped his way. Quick to anger and tough as knotted rawhide, Harvey Logan aptly deserved the moniker bestowed upon him by historian James Horan, “Tiger of the Wild Bunch.” This is the definitive biography of one of the most dangerous men to ever grace a wanted poster.


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