“Cow Town Cutter” Bronze by Clarence R. Morrison

"Cow Town Cutter" Bronze by Clarence R. Morrison
“Cow Town Cutter” Bronze by...


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"Cow Town Cutter" Bronze by Clarence R. Morrison

An awesome sculpture of a cowboy and his cutting horse working a steer out of the herd. The piece is #3 of a limited edition of 15 from 1980 and is very rare! it is 12" high x 25 1/2" long on a bronze base. A beautiful piece for you cutting horse fans!

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Clarence or C.R. Morrison is a world-renowned sculptor who was born at his family's homestead in the Sweet Grass Hills of north central Montana, a working cattle and sheep operation that eventually became a ranch of over 6000 acres. He presently lives with his wife on their ranch near Clyde Park, Montana. Morrison's work has been commissioned by galleries and collectors throughout the United States and the C.R. Morrison trophies and medals awarded by the American Quarter Horse Association and the National Reining Horse Association are among the most coveted in equine competition. His horse sculptures are considered among the most beautiful in the world and are noted for their expression of form and movement. Clarence is famous for his sculptures of horses, wildife, and ranch scenes of the western United States. 

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